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Here is some information intended to help you plan your trip to Stadsbygd.  It is equally valid for a visit anywhere in Rissa municipality or most parts of the Fosen peninsula.

Web Resources

Before you leave, check out some of the multi-language resources on the web about the region.  For Rissa municipality (kommune), which is the local government unit where Stadsbygd is located, and for Fosen, the large peninsula on the north side of Trondheimsfjord which includes several municipalities, check out the Fantastic Fosen web site (Norwegian, English, German – click on the flag corresponding to your language) and Tourist Magazine’s pages for Rissa and Central Norway.  For Trondheim, check out Virtual Trondheim (Norwegian, English) or (Norwegian, English), the city’s official tourist site.  For Norway in general, there are, Lonely Planet’s destination Norway,, Tourist Magazine Norway and The Norway Post’s Travel Norway pages.

If you read Norwegian, I also recommend the web sites for Fosna-Folket, Fosen’s local newspaper (especially its rich links page), for Rissa kommune, and for Stadsbygd’s principal tourist attraction, the Coastal Heritage Museum (Museet Kystens Arv).

Air Service

There are two airports which serve the area.  The one with the most flight options is Trondheim’s Værnes airport, located 35 km (22 miles) east of Trondheim at the town of Hell Stjørdal in Nord-Trøndelag.  Airlines serve this airport not only directly from Oslo but also from several foreign destinations like Amsterdam as well.  The other airport is at Brekstad in Ørland municipality.  It’s not far from Rissa and Stadsbygd as the crow flies or by passenger ferry (which stops at Rissa, not Stadsbygd), but by car it is 90 km (56) miles by the shortest route – farther by the waterfront route via Råkvåg, Hasselvika and Rissa.  Ørland airport is served by from Oslo’s Gardermoen airport.  There are a number of rental car options at Værnes and in Trondheim, but I have not investigated them in Ørland.


The area has excellent public transportation, so if you do not wish to rent a car, you can take a bus from the airport to Trondheim and there is also regular bus service from Trondheim to Stadsbygd.  If you rent a car, Stadsbygd is served by car ferry from Flakk, 13 km (8 miles) west of Trondheim and also by bus from Trondheim.  The ferry lands at Rørvik in southeastern Stadsbygd.  Most of Stadsbygd, including the village, will be accessible from the road to the west.  You can also take a passenger ferry from Trondheim to either Vanvikan or Rissa, east and west of Stadsbygd, respectively.  From either location, you will need to arrange for someone to pick you up at the ferry (though bus service is possible).  Alternatively, you can drive west of Trondheim via Orkanger to Agdenes municipality where at Valset you can take a ferry to Brekstad (see the air service discussion above) in Ørland.  Still another alternative is the no-ferry option.  Drive from Værnes airport north to Røra whrere you turn west on highway 755.  Then drive to Mosvik via Inderøy and, from Mosvik, take the road west along the fjord via Leksvik and Vanvikan to Stadsbygd.  This route is just over 100 miles from the Værnes airport.


If you are lucky enough to be invited to stay with a relative in the area, you will find that to be fun and welcoming experience.  Be sure to bring your appetite – Norwegian hosts are generous with their excellent food!

The nearest commercial accommodations are at the Rissa Hotell, Rådhusv. 15, 7100 Rissa (telephone +47 73 85 08 50, fax +47 73 85 20 75 – dial 011 first if calling from the U.S.).  This hotel has a restaurant and pub and is about 17 km (10 miles) from the village portion of Stadsbygd.  There are also hotels and restaurants at the picturesque fishing village of Råkvåg in northwestern Rissa municipality, in Leksvik to the east along the fjord, and in Åfjord and Brekstad which are farther but drivable to the north and west, respectively.  You may also wish to have access to the many hotel and restaurant choices available in Trondheim, a relatively short ferry ride away.  Some farms rent out cabins or rooms to guests.  Click here for a listing of those in the area.

Revised June 30, 2003

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